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            Legacy of core business values being passed on thru generations has made us who we are today.  A family owned business, building the 3rd generation to run and operate the business in the near future.  

             Arizona Steel & Ornamental Supply was established in 2000 and is one of the largest steel company in Tucson and surrounding region.  We supply a wide range of steel materials from square tubing, pipe, sheets/plate, hardware, paints, welding supplies and anything we don't usually carry can be special ordered.   Additionally, we provide special services which include, but are not limited to, sheer cutting, design cuts, arches, spear pointing and fabrication for our contractors.  

            Customers choose us over the competition for our competitive pricing, customer service, and one stop shop to meet your needs. Arizona Steel maintains the most up to date knowledge with the market needs and shifts that is why we are continuing to grow and expand keeping up the demand of our customers and the community.

Thank you for your business!
Your projects matter to us from the most simple to the most complex steel projects    
     We will…           SAW IT 
                              SHEER IT
                              PUNCH IT
                              BEND IT 
                              FABRICATE IT
                              AND SHIP IT TO YOU

Arizona Steel 

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